SVVR Museum

Documenting and Preserving the History of VR

The Silicon Valley Virtual Reality Museum began in 2015 as a temporary feature of our annual conference & expo. The museum and has since grown into a permanent collection of important VR artifacts.

A few of the items in our collection:

  • LEEP CyberFace Prototype
  • VPL Eyephone
  • VPL Dataglove
  • Forte Systems VFX-1
  • Fakespace Pinch Glove
  • Virtual Research Systems VR4
  • Virtual Research Systems VR6
  • SimulEyes Glasses
  • Virtual i/o iGlasses

Have a piece of VR history in your garage or attic?
We're always looking for new artifacts to preserve and display.

The collection is on permanent display at SVVR STUDIO in San Carlos, CA.
Contact us to arrange a visit.