Full-Stack Engineer

Stealth - TBD During Interview

Virtual Reality training company (stealth mode) is hiring a full-stack CTO/Lead Back-End Engineer. Title(s) negotiable per candidate’s relative skill-set and level of expertise. We are beginning a financing round and need a team member to take the lead in developing our backend LMS platform. The ideal candidate will have experience creating database systems and with knowledge of VR/Unity (who can communicate with our front-end Unity developers).

– HTML, CSS, Javascript

– SQL, PHP a bonus

– Best practices in deployment, programming patterns, SaaS, Agile software development


– Program LMS that integrates with VR program

– Program API connecting relative hardware

– Program back-end system with sophisticated data pipelines

– Must be a team-player, passionate about creating technology that improves society, and must be positive and have good communication skills



To be negotiated including an equity package

To apply for this job please visit the following URL: http://bit.ly/2nb6WN7 →