VR Pilot / Support Technician


Our mission is to build machines with human-like intelligence

Kindred Systems Inc.’s mission is to build machines with human-like intelligence.

The company’s central thesis is that intelligence requires a body. Since its founding in 2014, Kindred has been exploring and engineering systems that enable robots to understand and participate in our world, with the ultimate goal of a future where intelligent machines work together with people to create abundance shared by all.

In this role, you will be acting as a “pilot” to control and teach our robots new skills using VR.  This function is critical to help us create intelligent and production-ready robots as we launch them in real world settings.  You will collaborate with our product and engineering teams to provide user feedback, communicate issues or improvements, and help troubleshoot any failures.   This is a temp role with the potential to convert to full-time hire.

You’ll enjoy this job if you:

  • Have an interest in VR and/or Robotics
  •  Have a high technical aptitude, Linux experience, scripting a plus
  •  Are curious about how complex systems operate in order to act as first line of triage when issues arise
  •  Work efficiently and productively in both independent and team settings
  •  Understand the importance of providing timely feedback and are able to communicate clearly using excellent written and verbal skills
  •  Remain engaged, proactive and positive while working on multiple tasks and products still in testing
  •  Comfortable in that startup atmosphere of “Things change all the time, I don’t know exactly what we will make, but I’m part of an awesome group of people and we are doing something amazing!”
  •  Enjoy taking initiative and ownership in identifying areas of improvement and take pride in becoming an expert to train future pilots
  •  Are looking for the excitement, reward, and risk that comes with a startup blazing a new trail

To apply for this job please visit the following URL: http://bit.ly/pilotandsupport →