Rigging System Engineer

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Open source, social VR

High Fidelity is hiring an experienced engineer with deep experience in C++ to work on the avatar system built into High Fidelity.

We’re committed to supporting a wide variety of avatar source content, from full-body digital scans to artist-created renderings. The company is developing systems to support the rapid intake of avatar content and its integration with the platform (using industry standards like the Mixamo rig). We are also planning to provide realistic body capture using a variety a body tracking devices (e.g. mocap), avatar attachments, our own IK system, and important touches like realistic hair and accurate body collision hulls.

The successful candidate will have experience working with avatar systems (e.g. in the game industry) and a solid understanding of the peripheral systems used in VR to capture body motion capture.

High Fidelity offers a collaborative engineering-focused environment made up of close-knit teams working on complex and engaging technical issues.


  • C++ fluency
  • Experience with large multi-component systems development

Bonus Points

  • Strong 3D math skills
  • JavaScript
  • Comfort working with Git for code deployment

To apply for this job please visit the following URL: https://jobs.lever.co/highfidelity/8dc9c923-6eba-4493-a4f7-62e2eb4680e6 →