Japan XR ICRC Hackathon Update and News

The Japan XR Hackathon was a success, with dozens of teams competing from Tokyo and across Japan. Congratulations to the winning team “Happy Children”, who will receive a $40,000 development fund from the International Committee of the Red Cross, and the runner up, “Sexual Violence” who will be awarded with $10,000 in development funding.  Successful projects like these will allow the ICRC to continue to explore humanitarian applications of VR and AR technologies. Learn about some of the work the ICRC is doing with VR here.

Photo gallery of the Japan XR Hackathon.

The Japanese VR community is alive and well. Big thanks to GOROman, Yui, and the team at XVI  for organizing an SVVR welcome party at the Tokyo VR Startups office.

The July SVVR Japan meetup date will be announced shortly here, or catch some of our favorite Japanese VR demos at the next SVVR Meetup in Silicon Valley.

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